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David H. Kirk


While training at the South Carolina National Guard’s McCrady Training Center, located on a portion of land adjacent to Fort Jackson, I stumbled upon an intriguing piece of graffiti. This discovery occurred at the back end of an old World War II-era shooting range, now encircled by a one-mile running track. I frequently used this track during my time at the 25B Senior Leaders Course in 2022 and previously in 2019 for the 25B Advanced Leaders Course.

Among the myriad of names and dates scrawled on a retainment wall, one name caught my attention: David H. Kirk. Unlike the others, Kirk's name was notably clear and unobscured. This piqued my curiosity about who he was. The notes below are the culmination of my research into his life. Regrettably, I discovered that Mr. Kirk had passed away over 30 years before I ever saw his name etched on that wall.

JULY 9, 1955

David Hamilton Kirk

Born: 20 June 1937, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Father: James Floyd Kirk 1899-1947
Mother: Edna Lois Oswalt 1903-2002

1940 Census:
Montgomery, Alabama

1950 Census:
Montgomery, Alabama
Mother listed as widow

Name listed on wall at McCrady Training Center, Eastover, South Carolina

Father: James F Kirk

Mother: Edna L Oswalt

Died: 9 October 1998
Washington County, Oregon