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Hammock Accidents

Unnamed victims:

  • Victims without Find A Grave memorials:
    • UK
      • James Douglas, 28 (15 April 2022) - Sunderland property developer James Douglas lost his life when a garden pillar, to which his hammock was attached, collapsed. (The Mirror)
      • Richard Grassby, 58 (26 August 2019) - Bournemouth stonemason Richard Grassby was killed when the metal post supporting his hammock fell, striking him in the head. (Bournemouth Daily Echo)

      • Doug Curry, 66 (16 July 2019) - Celebrating his wedding anniversary in Cornwall, a father was crushed to death by the 1.5-tonne rock he had attached his hammock to. (Metro)

      • Ryan O'Carroll, 25 (25 May 2019) - Southampton man Ryan O'Carroll, on holiday in Cornwall, was killed when the tree his hammock was attached to collapsed while he was testing it out. (The Mirror)

      • Aaron Asiedu, 11 (11 December 2015) - In Manchester, UK, a young boy accidentally strangled himself with a blanket while he and his brother were building a makeshift hammock in their bedroom.(Manchester Evening News)
    • Australia
      • Jake East, 22, (9 December 2018) - Perth university student Jake East was struck and killed by a collapsing brick pillar as he lay on a hammock with his partner during a Christmas party. (The Western Australian)
    • Other 
      • Tinesha Johnson, 11 (19 December 2022) - A tragic accident in Corentyne Berbice, Guyana, saw a young Guyanese girl lose her life after becoming entangled in a hammock while playing in her family's backyard. (NewsRoom)

      • Alan Padmore, 28, (12 June 2022) - A Trinidadian living in Guyana was found asphyxiated in his backyard hammock. (Guyana Times)

      • Joshua Baldeo, 12 (29 January 2021) - Tragedy struck in Grenada when a boy asphyxiated after becoming entangled in a hammock while playing with his younger brother. (The New Today Grenada)

      • Laura L. B., (23 November 2019) - A Swiss woman lost her life in a Yucatán, Mexico, hostel when the wall of the room she rented collapsed onto her while she was rocking in a hammock. (Notacaribe)

      • Adam Frank, 12 (29 August 2017) - A young boy in Trinidad was found asphyxiated after becoming entangled in his hammock. (Loop News)

      • Ronela “Lilay” Barliso, 10 (29 August 2011) - A young girl from the Philippines tragically lost her life after being strangled by the rope cords of a hammock. (INQUIRER.NET)

      • Albin Alvarez, 12 (10 December 2002) - A young boy playing alone in a hammock tragically lost his life after becoming entangled in its strings and accidentally choking to death when he fell out. (Channel 5 Belize)